30 years practical experience in human centred design for complex technical products, services and strategies in both commercial and regulatory environments, hyperlocal and at scale.

Advisory, Leadership and/or Troubleshooting for Augmented Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Technology Innovation, Product Strategy, User Experience and Service Design.

Expertise in Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) interactive, generative and transformative systems across eCommerce, Games, Arts & Heritage, Creative Industries, Education & Training,  Healthcare, Medicine & Surgery, Transport, FinTech, Security and Defence.




Thought Leadership, Keynotes, Away Days, White Papers, Advisory & Board


Products, Programmes, Workshops, On Site, Off Site, Remote & Hybrid


For complex technical transformations at scale and in VUCA scenarios.

how i work

 I apply Human Centred Design (HCD) principles using an agile / scrum style methodology to leverage the user experience (UX) and engineer change at scale aligned with strategy / policy  / aims

I research, design, build, test, iterate and go live delivering interactive, generative and transformative digital systems, future proof and at scale through my industrial design practice, teaching and research 

 Over 25 years I have worked with many start ups, scale ups & MNOs to deliver iOS, Android, Windows, Cloud, Xbox, Playstation, Drones; AV; MIDI, haptics, holography, stereoscopy & AR/VR; sensor tech, biometrics, computer vision, automatic signal recognition, 5G & wearables.

Since 2009 I have been using biometric data, for example, EEG from Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) both as a support for user testing and as natural interfaces for example in neurogames. For my transparent and explainable methods with human factors data see


Problem Definition

Using design thinking to deconstruct and analyse the problem that needs to be solved from a whole systems perspective

Scenario Mapping

Expanding the problem definition to map current scenarios, who currently does what, with whom, where, when  and how


Competitor Review

Who else does what you are trying to do; full market segmentation, bench marking of competitors, collaborators offers and blue ocean strategy


Stakeholder Research

Thorough secondary research to generate evidence on who all the user groups are, across front and back end

Stakeholder Profiles

Flesh out evidence based user profiles, who are your users, give them names, faces, details, wants and needs

Stakeholder Stories

Narrative interpretation of how your users come across your offer, mult- touch point, cross platform stories

HCD Architecture

The evidence based stakeholder narratives frame personalised user journeys as the backbone of any build, designed for adoption and adherence


Vertical Slice

Very complex builds must start in the middle, with a fully functioning Proof of Concept (PoC) ‘slice’ through the full system

User Testing

Lab based primary research to generate quantitative insights into actual user behaviours, testing assumptions made earlier in the cycle


The evidence based stakeholder narratives frame personalised user journeys through the new system, forming the backbone of any new build


Go Live

Many systems cannot be completed in the lab, big data systems for example, require many users to function and so canary testing continues live

Live Ops

All my design and builds integrate machine learning  to optimise the User Experience (UX), gathering valuable behavioural data and generate  actionable insights

 industrial design practice

From experimental electronic arts to experiential marketing, digital transformation, user experience design and human centred AI

Years Experience


largest single user base


work with me

I am a practicing industrial designer. I provide thought leadership, advisory, consultancy, training and design & build

My business, Human Centred Futures Ltd offers a productised set of methods, tools and techniques for human centred digital transformation (DX) by means of cognitive machine learning models RhizoMetrics TM

MY Latest Work

Supporting a range of product offeres for surgeons across AR, VR and metaverse applications globbally towards clinical trials.

VRiMS is on a mission to bring the gold standard of medical and surgical training to low and middle income countries using extended reality, 360 degree video and simulated VR environments.​

Led by Professor Jagtar Dhanda, our team of doctors, surgeons, academic professors and technical experts visits hospitals and medical schools around the world delivering hands-on live surgical as well as cadaveric training.


International Thought Leadership

I am a Member of the Executive Advisory Board of Future Factory, alongside colleagues from MIT, Stanford, LSE and the Fraunhoffer Institute, who provide digital transformation leadership to clients including Coca Cola, Google, Dell, Phillips, Johnson & Johsnon, Saffran and Rolls Royce





Perspectives from collaborators, partners and clients

” Karen is at the forefront of thinking and designing new future businesses and societies underpinned by technology advances”

Dr. Mathew Smith

Business Development Director, Microsoft Research

“I have worked with Karen since 2013. Karen likes to dive into the unknown and leads clear strategic thinking with ease. She is a great team member and fantastic ambassador, with clear thinking, strong opinions – lightly held – and boundless energy. She is also a great speaker and an inspirational leader with a lifelong commitment to user centred design and collaborative practice.”

Amanda Squires

Chief Customer Officer, European Innovation, Accenture

“The training was great ! I am using what I have learnt all the time in my day to day work”

Dicken Doe

Vice President, Insight Driven Enterprise, Cap Gemini Invent

David Mitchell

Director UXD BBC

work with me
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